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Successful Honeymoon!

My Princess Bodhi, pregnant with Charlie, expecting atleast "6" babies has completely baffled us today!

The Vet told us "atleast 6, well a belly full" but we did not expect 10! Yes, that's right, 10 babies, my heart is overflowing with love and excitement.

This morning at around 10AM Bodhi started showing signs of labour - pacing up and down, jumping on and off my bed, walking around in her whelping box and digging. It was then I set myself up in her room with Netflix on ready to help her through her labour. She looked so content and knowledgable about what was happening, she made me so proud. At 11:45AM she pushed her first cream/golden girl out, safe to say i paused Netflix and gave her my undivided attention from then on. Bodhi kept pushing puppers out until 4:45PM! This Mummy knew what she was doing, and happiness overran her body everytime she gave birth to another baby.

We are hoping to produce top quality pooches that could become assistance and companion dogs, having families already for five of them we are now taking inquiries for our four chocolate girls and one cream boy!

All of our parents are DNA health tested and our Standards have had their hips clinically tested with great results. All of our dogs are pets and inside outside dogs, always giving birth in our "birthing, laundry suit, with whelping box." Puppies leave microchipped, vacinated, wormed and fled up to date, being house reared until 4 weeks which then they are able to explore outdoors living in a puppy yard right outside our loungeroom window.

We are now only taking serious enquires, where potential owners will have to pass a few questions regarding lifestyle and house size.

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