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Living in luxury with your Dogue!

You may have to 'paws' a minute… These 10 items have all been handpicked by Tayla. Why? Simple! Because they all ooze luxe! With a JCG review of each item, we hope you are able to share the same passion for fashion and curiosity for modern technology that we do.


Hartman & Rose is an American based company who targets a large audience of pet owners who happen to love high end fashion like we do! We love too many items at Hartman & Rose just to choose 1! Here are 2 different collars to die for:

The Belmont Collar and Leash

This beautiful collar is one for the horse lovers like us out there! This piece has always caught our eye, with its elegance and detail it’s the perfect accessory or shall I say necessity for your pooch! Coming in a range of different colours, this gorgeous item screams luxury! “In the style of Gucci” 22 karat gold plated horse bit is devine. With 100% Italian full grain leather this piece oozes high end. With a matching leash your pooch will be the best dressed on the street, turning fluffy faces at every corner.

At $69.99, this equestrian inspired collar is a must have, and their lead to match also at $69.99. Please see their page for shipping information.


As lovers of the high end brand Hermes we couldn’t help but choose this collar for its amazing tangerine colour and attention to detail. We understand that this item wasn’t inspired by the brand Hermes, regardless we LOVE IT! Again, 100% Italian full grain leather and 22 karat gold plate, oh look so shiny!

The St Tropez collar also has a matching lead that is made with the same Italian leather and that amazing, intense tangerine colour were inlove with! There are also a range of different colours to choose from, but this is obviously our favourite!

$69.99 for the collar and the same for the leash, look on their website for shipping details.


Now your dog can use the same high end brand of lotion you do! We love Kiehl’s products and are stunned that they’ve brought out their own dog grooming shampoo! Blended with chamomile flower extract, this shampoo is gentle enough to use on a dog's coat, face, and skin, and leaves your furry friend smelling like a lavender field. At $17 this dog shampoo is more than reasonable! This is definitely something to add to JCG’s online shopping!


How devine are these classic, sophisticated dog bowls. They’re so much more than just “dog bowls”, they’re a statement piece! Coming in three different sizes these Belmont Elevated Dog Feeders are suited for all dogs, but especially those dogs who enjoy the finer things in life.

Starting at $32US for the small bowl and $56US for the large you’d want to buy all three!


Coco and Pud has an amazing luxe range of quality pet products, we know, because we are regular customers! We could have reviewed their whole website because it’s that great, but we decided to stick with bedding, so here are three amazing, out of this world, dog beds we’d like to share!

Chewnel No 5 Dog Bed

This bed is more than just a dog bed, it is a piece of modern décor one would be proud to show off. Just like any other luxury pillow or rug this chewnel bed would be placed viewable to any visitors; unlike other dog beds that are shoved in a corner or placed in the laundry. It’s completely suited to a pet who is spoilt to the nines, in a lavish, new age, modern house.

At $194 it’ll be one of the more affordable Chanel/Chewnel item’s you’ll ever buy!

Luxe Furr Cosy Bed

One my girls picked out for you! This dog bed is to die for, but lucky you won’t have to with an affordable price of $130. With a luxurious feel and a high end appearance the Luxe Furr Cosy Bed is just that; a rich, indulgent look with a cosy furr fabric for your pet will dive into after a hard days eating and playing.

Sniffany and Co.

Sniffany and Co. is a play on words for the famous jewellery line most known for their robin egg, blue coloured box “Tiffany And Co.” This stunning dog bed is a replica of one of those special boxes. With a colour that screams elegance and a sturdy, secure fabric this is designer luxury at it’s finest.

The Gosh! EasyPlay Pet Ball

This is a crazy, new aged, luxe toy that has taken pet owners by storm in 2017. The Gosh! EasyPlay Pet Ball lets you play with your dog from anywhere in the world! If you have a smartphone you can take control of the ball via an app, allowing you to use the treat feeder that can be dispensed throughout the day, up to three times.

You can use a pre-recorded cute voice message allowing your pet to feel safe without your presence; pretty nifty hey! The ball has a camera placed inside where you can view your pets via your smartphone, there’s nothing better than that warm fussy felling of seeing that fluffy, cute face while stuck at a desk!

Pet owner’s can also have complete control of the ball, this will allow you to fully interact with your pet from wherever you are; Rome, Paris, New York, or maybe just simple ol’ work HA!

We’re always looking for ways to keep your pet busy while you’re out!

EasyPlay is expected to retail for $249.00 and the company anticipates shipment by May.

Kyon Pet Collar

Wow! We thought we’d seen it all. We really are living in the future, where the imaginary is becoming reality.

Digital Trends has described this luxe pet collar as the Apple Watch for dogs.

Kyon has invented a pet collar that is one of a kind. With GPS technology and LED display you’re able to communicate with your pet like never before. Allowing people to view your dog’s contact information via LED display, this pet collar has really stepped pet collars up a notch!

The Petcube Camera

This is an amazing item people use to only dream of, now it’s here! The Petcube Camera is one of the first products to allow us to interact with our furry family while we’re out of the house. Were able to watch, talk and play with our pooches via a smartphone app.

It features a 138º camera along with HD quality video so you’re able to speak to your pets in real time, with a camera, microphone and speaker. With a laser also built in, you are able to play with your pooch (well, mainly your cat) how amazing!

At $149us this Petcube camera is very reasonable. Please check their website for more details regarding shipping.

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