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Santa's naughty list!

We would like to wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It is getting closer to a beautiful Australian Christmas, lets not forget the little things we can put into place to diminish those emergency trips to the Vets!

Your pooch has the same amount of importance as your family and friends, so lets touch base on what may harm your dog this Christmas, advised by Australian Veterinary Association.

Food. Food is the centre of celebration around Christmas time, and as most know, dogs aren't build like humans - so just because we enjoy and love certain foods doesn't mean it is safe for mans bestfriend!

Below are a list of foods to avoid:

Avocado - contains toxins which can damage lungs, heart and tissue of many different animals.

Chocolate - Toxic to dogs and cats, in small quantities can be very harmful and in larger quantities can kill.

Turkey skin, pork crackling, sausages and other fatty meats - Can lead to inflammation of the pancreas due to the really high fat content.

Onions and garlic - Can cause gastric irritation and anaemia if consume in large quantities.

Grapes and raisins - Can cause acute kidney failure.

Macadamia nuts - Can be toxic for dogs. Within 12 hours signs will likely occur and will include vomiting, hypothermia and elevated heart rate.

Nutmeg - One of the lesser known poisonous foods. Dogs can suffer from tremors, seizures, issues with the nervous system and even death.

Xylitol - A sweetener now widely used in sugar-free food such as cakes, muffins and bread.

Other furry friend fears we forget about!!


Plan ahead!! We have all experienced a dog who is terrified of thunder and lightening - same goes for fireworks. It can be such a distressing night on NYE for your pooch so make sure your dog is set up for the night. Secure yard is a must - if your dog is scared of fireworks he will try any which way to ecsape to "safer ground" little does he know that safer ground will be much more dangerous (busy roads, strange people, noises etc.) Bring him inside, give him extra treats and toys to distract and make sure it is a secure part of the house if you are not going to be home. Close the blinds, make sure the environment is cool and your dog has food and water available.


Not all dogs like visitors; infact majority bark when someone knew enters their territory so we can imagine how stressful Christmas time can be for our pooches!

Lets start, always make sure you dog has a safe place to go; laundry, crate, kennel, doggy bed - somewhere where he can feel safe in his own home.

Before family and friends arrive, assign a family member to be in charge of your pooch, checking on him, making sure he is calm and relaxed throughout the visit. If there are kids visiting NEVER leave the dog and child alone, even if it is a dog that has never bitten or barked at a child, both children and dogs cannot be trusted together alone. Also remember to place food and water wherever the dog is, aswell as making the area as quiet as possible with some play toys.

Keep Safe!!


Bessy, Bronty, Bodhi, Barclay, Blair and Charlie

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