DNA Health Genetic Testing

All of our mothers have had their DNA Health Genetic Testing completed by ORIVET - St Kilda. Our Miniature Girls have had their hips clinically tested by our Veterinarian with great results. 

We are now able to give all of our families a 2 Year Genetic Health Warranty - covering any genetic issues which occur within the first two years old your pups life. We also give lifelong security by being here for absolutely anything Groodle related. 

We Test For The Following Before Breeding Our Pooches:

• Cataract
• Factor VIII Deficiency
• Haemolytic Anaemia
• Haemophilia A
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Hypothyroidism
• Lymphocytic thyroiditis
• Thyroiditis
• Atopy
• Entropion
• Granulomatous sebaceous adenitis
• Pododermatitis
• Myasthenia Gravis
• Osteochondritis dissecans
• Osteochondrosis dissecans
• Optic nerve hypoplasia, bilateral

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O u r     G r o o d l e s     &     P o o d l e s


Height:  35cm

Weight: 10.5kg 

F2B (Mini F2 Groodle X Mini Poodle)

Bronty is one of our chocolate miniature Groodle dams. She is the beautiful offspring of Bessy (Mini Groodle) and Rusty (Mini Poodle) 


Bronty loves the water, spending a lot of her time getting muddy in our dam. She isn't as out going as her mother, it takes her a little bit to warm up to other dogs. Bronty sleeps with her furr mum on her hoomums bed.

It takes three to be cosy!




Height: 54

Weight: 28kg 

F2 (F1 Standard Groodle X F1 Standard Groodle)

Bodhi, our standard Groodle dam, has the most amazing temperament and the most gentle, old soul. She's the typical old Golden Retriever, except she's only 4 and she's not a GR. Bodhi is yet to have a litter but she will produce standard F3b's MULTIGEN with Charlie our standard Poodle. Bodhi is definitely the biggest water baby of them all. Any chance she gets she's in the pool or the dam. Bodhi is white, yet she is hard to keep white as we live on 10 acres of bush.



Height 35cm

Weight: 9kg

F2 (Mini Groodle X F2 Groodle)

Bessy was the matriarch of Jordan Country Groodles, she passed away 2017 and will forever be sorely missed.


Height 50cm

Weight 23kg

Purebred Standard Poodle

Charlie is our onsite Purebred Standard Poodle sire. He is chocolate with a few blonde tips as he has aged. At JCG we specialise in chocolates. All of our dogs have the chocolate gene, which produced chocolates, creams/whites. Charlie is a funny boy, the man of the property. He loves spending time laying on the lounge room floor, especially on hot days. He isn't that much into swimming but he loves his toys.


Bodhi and Charlie are joined at the hip, and he does howl when she's not with him. They're super cute! And with parents like them, their pups are going to have no worries in being some of the cutest puppies ever produced here at JCG.

Our Artificial Insemination Program​

Artificial Insemination is usually used in the Groodle Industry to produce the Mini - Medium sized Groodles. The Mini Poodle Sire's semen is collected and then deposited into the Bitches vagina, as the Mini Sire is too small to mount the Standard Golden Retriever resulting in Mini and Medium sized Groodles. 

Fortunately we are well passed the stage of producing Miniatures for our breeding program in the above way as we have already bred our own. We have now started using AI with Charlie our Standard Poodle and Bodhi our Standard Groodle, yes they usually would be able to mate naturally (as they're both similar sizes,) but as they are together 24/7 it is hard to make them join as they obviously don't have that desire towards each other.


We have already missed two of Bodhi's heat cycles so we came to the smart decision of Artificial Insemination; using Craigieburn Animal Hospital. 

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