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DNA Health Genetic Testing

All of our mothers have had their DNA Health Genetic Testing completed by ORIVET - St Kilda. Our Miniature Girls have had their hips clinically tested by our Veterinarian with great results. 

We are now able to give all of our families a 2 Year Genetic Health Warranty - covering any genetic issues which occur within the first two years old your pups life. We also give lifelong security by being here for absolutely anything Groodle related. 

We Test For The Following Before Breeding Our Pooches:

• Cataract
• Factor VIII Deficiency
• Haemolytic Anaemia
• Haemophilia A
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Hypothyroidism
• Lymphocytic thyroiditis
• Thyroiditis
• Atopy
• Entropion
• Granulomatous sebaceous adenitis
• Pododermatitis
• Myasthenia Gravis
• Osteochondritis dissecans
• Osteochondrosis dissecans
• Optic nerve hypoplasia, bilateral

ABN: 27585174818
Registered Breeders with AADPB


O u r     G r o o d l e s     &     P o o d l e s



Height:  35cm

Weight: 10.5kg 

F2B (Mini F2 Groodle X Mini Poodle)

Bronty is now retired as of 2020, she still lives at home on our 10 acre property sleeping the days away. 

Over her 4-5 years of breeding she produced some wonderful mini and medium babies

Her bloodline will carry on through Freya (Bronty & Charl, who is planned to produce mediums in 2024.


Height:  45cm

Weight: 12.5kg 

F3B (F3B (MULTIGEN) F3b Mini Groodle X Purebred Standard Poodle)

Freya is the light of our lives, she is the Grandaughter of Bessy, and the Daughter of Bronty. She has so many characteristics of her darling Grandma, we wish they had of met, Bessy would have been obsessed.

Freya's boyfriend is Pumba who is an F2B Medium with a shaggy fleece like coat. They have produced babies around 40-45cms, with coats including fleece & wool type.

Freya's pups are known for their loving affection like their Mum, she is the definition of a companion dog

Bodhi .jpg


Height: 54

Weight: 28kg 

F2 (F1 Standard Groodle X F1 Standard Groodle)

Bodhi (now retired) is our standard Groodle dam, has the most amazing temperament and the most gentle, old soul.Bodhi's bloodlines are carried through Stella. She is now living a life of luxury on our 10 acre farm. 



Height 35cm

Weight: 9kg

F2 (Mini Groodle X F2 Groodle)

Bessy was the matriarch of Jordan Country Groodles, she passed away 2017 and will forever be sorely missed.



Height 50cm

Weight 23kg

Purebred Standard Poodle

Charlie is our onsite Purebred Standard Poodle sire. He is chocolate with a few blonde tips as he has aged. At JCG we specialise in chocolates. All of our dogs have the chocolate gene, which produced chocolates, creams/whites. Charlie is a funny boy, the man of the property. He loves spending time laying on the lounge room floor, especially on hot days. He isn't that much into swimming but he loves his toys.


Bodhi and Charlie are joined at the hip, and he does howl when she's not with him. They're super cute! And with parents like them, their pups are going to have no worries in being some of the cutest puppies ever produced here at JCG.

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