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I was wondering whether you have any puppies available? 

Please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for any openings.


What is a Groodle?

A Groodle is a Golden Retriever X a Poodle, we produce mediums and standards. This different sizing is achieved by crossing the Golden Retriever with a mini Poodle or a  standard Poodle. 


What are the different generations? Example F1 F2 etc.

  • F1 = Golden Retriever x Poodle

  • F1B = F1 Goldendoodle x Poodle

  • F2 = F1 Goldendoodle x F1 Goldendoodle

  • F2B = F1 Goldendoodle x F1B Goldendoodle

  • F3 = F1B Goldendoodle x F1B Goldendoodle  OR

  • F3 = F1B Goldendoodle x F2B Goldendoodle OR

  • F3 = F2 Goldendoodle x F2 Goldendoodle OR

  • F3 = F2B Goldendoodle x F2B Goldendoodle

  • Multigen = any pairing of F3 x F3 or above

We produce MEDIUM MULTIGEN F3b (F2 Mini Groodle X Standard Poodle) and STANDARD MULTIGEN F3b (F2 Standard Groodle X Purebred Standard Poodle.) 

What does a medium and standard Groodle weigh? And their height?

Our medium Groodles are are 12-15kgs and are roughly 45cm tall at their shoulder. Our standards weigh anything from 24kgs-34kgs and are 55cm - 65cm at their shoulder.  Since this breed is not a standardised breed, it is important to note that no guarantees can be made on size.

How do I get on a waiting list?

Some of our clients wait on our list for 1-2 years, so please be patient. We will advertise whether our list is still open or closed for each sized litter for the year. Please also keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for litter information, we usually have pups come available the day they're born. 


What colours will be produced?

We pride ourself on producing chocolate, cream and red puppies, as all of our Groodles and Poodles have the chocolate gene. 


What sex is better?

Well, it's completely up to each individual's taste and desires. I have always loved my girls and have mainly had girl dogs growing up. Charlie Boy is the most gentle, loving family dog, he is so calm and is amazing around small kids. The girls can be more excited compared to Charlie. Both very easy to train. Charlie tends to mark his territory because of the amount of girls he is around (once desexed then a dog shouldn't do this as often.)  The battle of the sexes will continue... Up to you!


What's the difference between a Groodle and a Labradoodle?

Well first of all a Groodle is a Golden Retriever x Poodle, and Labradoodle is a Labrador x Poodle. Both Groodles and Labradoodles shed minimally if consisting of majority Poodle coat. Both breeds can be easy to train, you get out what you put in, yet Groodles are more suitable for Assistance dogs as they have better adaptability. Both breeds are very similar, they both are great family dogs and are very suitable with kids.

What coat should I expect from your Groodles?

As we backcross our Groodles to a Poodle (mini & standards) we aim for non shedding, shaggy, curly coats - somewhat Bob Marley like. We do not produce fleece coats, all of our Groodle pups are full of cuddly wool! They need regular 4-8 week grooming.

Will their coat need regular maintenance/grooming? 

As their coat is non-shed, it is higher maintenance than most dogs. Yet, if you don't want your dog looking like a greyhound come summer I would suggest regular brushing as their wool can tangle leading to a very short clip at the groomers. 

We recommend regular 4 week grooming if you're wanting to keep your dogs coat long. Their coat can matt up very quickly if not brushed daily, a full shave down might be the only way to keep your dog matt free if youre unable to keep the brushing under control.

What is the life expectancy of a Groodle?

10-15 years.

Why should I choose a Groodle?

Well, The Golden Retriever ranked 4th and the Poodle ranked 5th, out of 148 breeds in popularity. Poodles are 2nd and Golden Retrievers ranked 4th brightest dog breeds. If you've ever met or seen a Groodle, well you wouldnt be asking this question! They are so family orientated, they love attention, they are so easy to train, they don't shed, they are amazing assistance and therapy dogs, they're a woman/mans best friend, let me tell you!

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