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We like, we like to pawty!

Pooches these days, more often than not, are being treated like family member’s, children, and we love that.

Throwing your dog a birthday party though, is that going too far? We say no! If you have the time and the money to spoil your pooch, then go for it! Doggie playdates are becoming very 'pawpular' among pet owners, it is a way to socialise your dog and socialise yourself. A doggie party is the same, with just a little bit more preparation, time and money.

I, for one, know firsthand how much pooches can be like children to someone. No, I don’t have any children of my own, but when I do have kids I will do all I can to keep my dogs lifestyle the same as it is today. As for now, they are all I have and I am all they have. I will do all I can to make their life one filled with love, happiness and fun!

Let’s face it, dogs love all the attention they can get! So if you have doubt that they will enjoy this day, I assure you, any attention is WELCOMED!

Now, for fun we are going to post as if we don’t have a budget or a time frame, there are no rules for our wish list!


Set aside a day; a day on the school holiday’s to suit your kid’s schedule (If you do have children, why not get them amongst the fun! There are heaps of crafts that can be a part of your dog’s day.) A weekend, an afternoon, summertime or spring, or simply the day of which your pup was born (Duh! Birthday Pawty.)


Write a guest list; this list could include family member’s dogs, friend’s dogs, groups you’re associated with (breed specific) dogs. Remember, for each dog you invite there will be at least one adult accompanying their pooch. Three to Eight dogs is a good amount. Also take into consideration the room you have, how secure your property is and if the dogs invited are vaccinated and socially sound. REMEMBER poop bags!

Do it for a CAUSE, have donations available to RSCPA or a local animal shelter. Have pamphlets with information about adoption and donating. Really get people enthusiastic about supporting rescue, if they already have their hands full then donations are a great alternative.

Pic credit - catch my party


Start planning activities:

A game that sticks out to us like “dogs balls” is a variation on an egg hunt but with special doggie treats. Having a shell pool set up will be a hit as well as a shell filled with sand as most dogs love to dig!

What are some thing your pooch loves?

Toys – Balls, balls and more balls. Tug toys and kongs

Frozen treats – The night before get your dog’s favourite treats and freeze them in a container filled with water

Games – Fetch, tug of war

Swimming – Shell pool filled with water and some tennis balls

Digging – Shell pool filled with sand

Napping – set some dog beds up; when your pooch is ready to nap you’ll probably be ready for a wine!

What to feed your furry faced guests?

If you’re located in our beautiful home city, Melbourne, we have found this gorgeous, boutique business dedicated to creating healthy treats, pupcakes, & dog birthday cakes. “The Melbourne Pawtisserie” website will get you that much more excited about your pooches big day!

We have selected two products from this luxe pawtisserie; it was super hard to only choose two but here they are! First, we have this magnificent bone shaped dog cake, because whats a pawty without a frickin’ big birthday cake!

Valued at $55 we think this cake is very reasonable for your pooches day! This medium sized birthday cake comes in the shape of a dogs bone. It is 100% dog friendly and would suit a large size dog or a group of pooches celebrating a special day.

Their special dog friendly recipe is packed with veg, natural and healthy ingredients

Topped with a natural homemade peanut butter biscuits and customised with your dog’s name and birthday message! Available in natural, blue or pink colours.

For our second product, whose pup could resist these 'pupcakes'; made from only natural and healthy ingredients! At only $20 for a box of four we couldn’t love these any more! Plus, how cute is Arnold the Sausage dog!

We have chosen 2 of our favourite treats by Sweet Chops that are a must have at your pooches special day! Our pups at JCG are absolutely obsessed with peanut butter! Sweet Chops sends you all of the ingredients along with the instructions to bake your pooches delicious Bow Wow Choc-Peanut Butter Pawty Cake! It can’t get much better than this, unless you want something already made for you, they do that too!

If you’re after something already made for you, we suggest these Choco-lick Chompers that are made with only four ingredients! They come with the option to include Sweet Chops Choco-lick dipping sauce that you can easily make at home. 200g of bones for $11.45, a well-deserved treat for your four legged friend.

We had to include these gorgeous milestone cards for your pooch! As we’re talking birthdays, (which is a huge milestone) we thought these cards are a great way to track your dog’s life! We found that Hashtag Hipster Hounds make these funky cards, along with a heap of other fantastic dog items! Completely in love.


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