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Bodhi - VIC Dog Of The Year 2017

Victorian Dog Of The Year 2017

We're raising awareness and breaking the barriers about mental health one article at a time! Bodhi Girl was awarded Vic Dog Of The Year 2017 on National Dog Day - Saturday 26th August. And boy, did we know she deserved it!

Mad Paws ran the competition through their Facebook page where 1,514 pooches entered, with a little back story on why each owner thought their pooch deserved to win.

Bodhi's entry explained how she is my bestfriend (cliche, I know), my rock through my hardest days, the days where I have been depressed and down, the days that I couldn't fathom the death of such a special boy to me, Marcus.

When we became finalist for Australian Dog Of The Year I began to tell Melanie from Mad Paws the extent of what Bodhi is all about. She is so much more than just a companion to me, she fills that spot of loneliness (in my heart but also my bed, her being 65cms tall and 32kg makes her quite the bear to cuddle.)

It was 2016 when we were contacted by Brama Labrador Inc. to see if we would like to work along side them to help produce assistance dogs, having known Bodhi had the best temprement and the fact that she was a Groodle (non shedding, easy to train) we were all in! I explained to Mad Paws our passion for Bodhi's bloodline to continue in not only companion dogs but especially assistance/therapy dogs.

We are hoping to get more involved in the mental health side of therapy dogs as that aspect of everything means alot to me - having suffered from mental health issues myself.

Mine and Bodhi's story touched many, we have so far featured in The Weekly Review, a NowToLove article, and surprisingly The Herald Sun.

And, we've only just starting to spread awareness on mental health..

"LETS DO THIS!!" - Marcus

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