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Welcoming a new addition into the family can be an exciting yet nervous time.

Jordan Country Groodles will assist you with any questions you may have.


  • A suitable sized bed – Minatures will need a puppy sized bed, Mediums a suitable large bed and Standards an X Large.

  • An identification tag with the dogs name and your number on it; even though your pooch is microchipped it is a good way for people to know this dog belongs to someone

  • Food and water bowl

  • Lots of chew toys for teething

  • Toys to play with; if your pooch is going to be an outside dog and by himself a lot you will need to consider toys that will keep him busy, this is where barking may become a problem from boredom

  • Grooming kit; a dog with a wool coat will need to be brushed weekly if you don’t want to trim him fully back

  • Dog Shampoo & Conditioner (suitable for wool coat) also with anti-flea ingredient

  • Child gate; perfect for a laundry area or any area you’d like to section off for the dog

  • Dog food – if you’d like to continue on with the dog food the puppy is already on purchase Blackhawk Puppy Food, if you’d like to change their food then do it slowly so you do not upset their stomach

  • A collar and lead; remember you’ll probably have to change the sizes in a few month

  • Flea Treatment

  • Worming

  • A car harness or crate for transporting


  • Find a Vet that is local, ask around, your family and friends should know a practice that is suitable and affordable

  • Book in an examination for your Pup within the first week – as contract states

  • Make sure you know where he/she will sleep and stick with it, it’s like having a new born

  • The first week will be tiring, the pup will most likely sook for the first two nights, this is normal until she/he gets settled in

  • Research any businesses you may want to use in the future; puppy school, doggy daycare, pet minding

  • We suggest puppy school for training and socialising

  • Make sure your family is all on the same page when it comes to disciplining; If mum says “down” make sure dad also says “down”, use the same language

  • Make it clear who is in charge of feeding and toileting daily

  • DO NOT let children overwhelm the pup in the first day and DO NOT fight over him/her

  • Set boundaries with children or else the pup will become agitated and growl or/and bite

  • Remember he/she is a puppy, children will need to play nicely

  • Move any valuables to higher grounds!

  • Puppy proof everything; remember it is like having a new born “toddler”

  • Organise who will be walking/exercising the dog daily

  • Research what you are able to feed him/her from your own food diet

  • Know how you are going to set him up when you leave the house, he will need water, food, lots of toys

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