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Name Your Dogue! - What's in Vogue!?

Has your dogs name made JCG 2017 favourite list?

We love having a bit of fun here at JCG, and since we've welcomed two new additions to our family in the last six months, we thought "why not blog about it!" As you'd probably know we have named our girls all starting with the letter "B"; Bessy, Bronty and Bodhi. The theme continued to our horses Buddy and Billy too, crazy? Well it's a topic starter, people get a kick out of fun or themed names, and we have a liking to the letter (obviously!) With our two new poodle babies, we thought long and hard about "B" names that we ACTUALLY liked! And eventually loved!

Barclay suits our miniature poodle boy down to the ground, he prances around with his gorgeous phantom colouring - a very elegant strong name which I'm glad we decided on. Blair, my gorgeous little parti poodle looks much like a lamb. Blair has always been a name I liked after watching Gossip Girl when I was a teen, I think it's got sass as a girls name, someone who's determined in their ways and my little girl suits it 100%! Popular names aren't a favourite of mine; I rather a funky, different, meaningful name that has a bit of a story behind it. I know you might be thinking "it's just a dogs name," but you'll be the one calling it out for the next 10-15 years!

A lot of time and effort goes into finding the right dog for you; researching breeders and ensuring the appropriate lifestyle for a particular dog is a top priority. So in this time, why not take advantage of researching that perfect name for your perfect pet. You don't want to just decide on a dogs name without thinking it over, I mean calling a dog "kit" isn't really practical when trying to train your dog to sit...

Below are some unusual dog names that we love! We also have picked these names in mind that they'd suit a Groodle; stunning, elegant, high class, strong, intelligent and fun! Also a little tip, if you're not sure on a name place "miss" or "sir" in front - some have a real good ring to them!

Comment below the name of your Prince or Princess Pooch!!

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