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PUPDATE 10.7.17

PUPDATE 10.7.17

Bodhi and Charlie (above) have produce two standard boys; both sold.

We have been super busy here at Jordan Country Groodle's! Preparing for the birth of three litters; miniature's, medium's and standard's - produced by our three girls Bronty, Bodhi and Bessy. As of today we have had two litters delivered successfully, our mini's and standards and our medium's will arrive any day now!

How do we prepare for a litter? Let alone 3!?

Well, there is alot of prep that goes into getting ready for a litter. Personally I don't know how the bigger breeders cope!

We usually start by envisioning how many pups we are expecting (as shown on ultrasound) and the sizes they will be. We start collecting news paper, old towels and bedding because we know we will be going through all of them atleast three times a day. We make sure we have enough pens for them, first for when they give birth but secondly for when the pups are running around like little destroyers!

With Bodhi our standard we knew she would need the most room so we decided on placing her in our laundry, close enough to the fire to keep warm but a little away from everything seeing she is a first time Mum. Seeing as this was Bronty's second litter and the fact she is VERY needy, we made her whelping box right next to the fire close to everything, especially us!

Bessy, being due any day, has her whelping box set up on the other side of the fire, in her own litter area. We obviously also play it however it comes, having had both Bodhi and Bronty give birth on my bed, yes, on my bed, there is a high chance Bessy will too. I make sure there is a tarp under my doona and make sure it is a doona I can throw out, along with having towels and old blankets on the bed aswell!!

Bronty's Labour

The above photo was taken while Bronty was going into labour, she produced her first pup within half an hour of this photo.

Bronty, our miniature groodle went into labour (on my bed) at 2pm Thursday the 29th of June, she gave birth to two chocolate boys and four chocolate girls hence why we call this litter our "Cadbury Litter!" At 6:30 (thinking she had stopped producing her Cadbury Litter) I went into my meditation class at peace. I arrived back home having had my Mum supervise her, and to my surprise another two were produced, so 6 all up! We are very proud of Bronty, this is her second litter and she is obsessed with her pups as much as we are; oh and everyone else who has ever set eyes on them!

Bodhi's Labour

Bodhi, our standard groodle (photo above) went into labour right on her due date, (also on my bed) at10am Sunday the 2nd of July. Having stayed up with her for 24 hours she finally passed her first pup at 10:07am, after showing signs since the morning prior! Whenever one of our girls goes into labour we give them a whole lot of glucose to boost their energy.

Since Bodh's didn't give birth to her second pup within the 2 hour mark we had call our local Vet to come in and meet us at their clinic (seeing it was a Sunday our usual clinic was closed.) The Romsey Vet examined her and gave her an X-Ray to confirm that yes, there was another pup in there, but he wasn't anywhere near the birth canal. Being Bodhi's first pregnany we we're quite anxious that she may have just given up and quite not known what to do! We were instructed to head down to Kensington Animal Hospital incase they needed to conduct an emergency C-section.

My mother Suzanne and I drove an hour down to the clinic. On our way we noticed Bodhi showing signs of contractions, this gave us the indication the pup might come naturally! Once we arrived to the clinic I walked her to see if she might push, there was no luck. We took her up the elevator into the Kensington Animal Hospital and she was ushered straight in to have some obs with her other baby by her side, but when would the other boy come!?

After giving her some oxytocin we were taken into a room with her, within the next 10 minutes (not even) she started to push the chocolate boy out, but she couldn't quite get him the whole way out. I went to yell for a nurse, but noone could hear me. As I left the room Bodhi got up and followed me with a pup half way out, my Mum had to run after her and she caught the little boy in her hands! What a special moment for us all, Bodhi went straight back into mother mode with her two boys snuggled into her. We were given the all clear to go home with Bodhi and her two new boys. We arrived back home, Bodhi went into her whelping box all snuggled in our laundry with her two boys and since then all have been fantastic, growing by the minute!

Bessy's Preparation

Bessy (above) is on watch as of yesterday. Dams can give birth from day 56th-63rd with smaller breeds usually going earlier. Bronty went four days early, (they are both miniatures) and as Bessy is due on Friday I expect her to go around the 59th-60th day which is tomorrow or the next day. It is an exciting time for us when we know bubs are due, but it is also a nervous time until we know all bubs and Mum are doing fine. As we have previously said, Bess has her whelping area set up by the fire which has been set up for a few days now, she has been sleeping in there and willingly takes herself in there which is always a good sign. She is expecting atleast 4 (as shown on ultrasound) but our Vet Andrew thinks around five or six as there is usually one or two hiding! We will give another PUPDATE once she has given birth.

All bubs are sold from all litters. <3

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