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VanderPump Pets

VanderPump Pups

It is absolutely no denying that here at JCG we love all things Luxe and Pooch.

From Tayla's American travels, Tayla has embraced the American way of "dog loving".. well to an extent; everything but the tutu's and tuxedo's!

Lisa Vanderpump will be well known to the reality TV fanatics like ourselves, as she is a housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and along with her husband Ken they are devoted to their dogs just like we are, and is a rescue promoter like ourselves.

In majority of The Real Housewives of BH's you will see Lisa with her Pooch Giggy The Pom; who just happens to have his own website! You'll also come across their other 7 dogs (sounds a little familiar to the JCG household!)

We are passionate about all things VanderPump Pets, including fashion accessories, dog carriers and most of all The Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Lisa Vanderpump also has an organisation called "Vanderpump Dogs." Vanderpump Dogs has their own rescue centre in LA where you can adopt you're very own VanderPup.

Below is their "ABOUT ME."

"We are beginning to tackle overpopulation in Los Angeles County through our Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center. At our flagship West Hollywood location we will focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs to loving homes. We hope to have a greater social impact on the perception of shelter dogs and encourage adopting instead of shopping.

We consider our Rescue Center the perfect “foundation” for our Foundation. With our organization’s rapid growth and the considerable attention we have garnered in the last year, we are always looking for the next step. Our mission is to tackle the overpopulation happening in our own backyard, Los Angeles.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation has built a community of dedicated dog activists that are working to find forever homes for homeless animals across the city. As a New Hope Partner, we will work with shelters across Los Angeles to help relieve overpopulation. Many shelters are at capacity and don’t have the resources, or the manpower, to save all the unwanted pets in our city… so the unlucky ones are euthanized to make room for more.

Education is at the forefront of our Foundation’s mission. We want to teach people about overpopulation, how they can help, and how they can change the world through small, responsible acts. We want to educate on the importance of spay/neutering and urge people to adopt their next family member from The Vanderpump Dog Foundation in an effort to curb overpopulation in LA shelters.

We will bring adoptable shelter dogs to our Center, where they will be given a second chance to find a forever home. Our shelter dogs will spend most of their day being pampered and socializing with our customers. Designed by Lisa Vanderpump, our beautiful 6,000 square foot Rescue Center will be open to the public and a hub for all things dogs! We’ve given the cold steel cages of shelters a makeover and added the signature “Vanderpump” twist. By changing the atmosphere in which the shelter dogs exist, we hope to give potential adopters a comfortable home-like setting to meet their new pet. The Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center will offer grooming services to the public and a boutique with products for your pup. 100% of the profits will go towards the Rescue Center.

We hope to encourage pet lovers to make rescuing the obvious choice when searching to add a new member to their family. "

We always love sharing our knowledge of heart felt dog organisations (even when they're not local, you can donate to VanderPump Dog Foundation HERE.) These organisations can be amazing influence's for us to give to our local rescues - as it all starts at home!

Please donate to - Assistance Dogs Australia

or to help us donate our own Groodles please DONATE HERE.

And while you're here, spoil your pooch with a glamorous item from VanderPump Pups!

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