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Curiosity 'Bout Coats


We often see people asking question on forums regarding a Groodles coat type and why certain Groodles look different to others; the answer is about 80% in the grooming.

Yes, there are a few different types of coats among Groodles; wool (which is what we aim for,) fleece and the mixture of both. Hair can be a coat produced among Groodles but it is definitely not the coat anyone in breeding aims for.

Please click on photos for reference.


Fleece coats are light and fluffy in looks, having wavy and loose curls similar to an Angora Goat. They are usually allergy friendly with the correct grooming thus being thoroughly brushed every two - three weeks and clipped every 5-6 months, yet we recommend trimming around the eyes and bum atleast every couple of months. They are not always non shedding.

Fleece coat maintained


Wool coats are not unlike lambs wool. With the highest success rate of non shedding this coat is perfect for severe allergen sufferers. The wool is undoubtedly the most certain not to shed, yet no dog is ever 100% non shedding as all dogs will lose some hair. Wool Groodles do need to be brushed and groomed regularly as matting is more prominent, we suggest a trim every 5-6 months and eyes and bum trim every couple.

Quotes such as "I don't want the Poodle look" can be easily solved. As mentioned in the first paragraph the answer is almost 100% in the grooming. We produce wool coats mainly for the customers who are after non shedding dogs; I mean who wants a house full of hair? We also obviously love the look, and the look is mostly how you groom them. The breeders goal should be to produce a loose wool curl, and we are successfully producing this.

Here is a wool coat, maintained and groomed regularly allowing the owners to keep him shaggy.

Wool coat, trimmed short.


The fleece and wool coat is obviously a mixture of both of the above coats. Also known as a wavy, curly coat it is very soft and desirably and isn't as tightly curled as the complete wool coat. With a similar grooming schedule we recommend regular brushing every 3-4 weeks (not as often as above) and also trimming every 5-6 months.

If you're after that teddybear look it is easily acheived by finding yourself a groomer who is knowledgable on the Groodle breed. Talk with your groomer, find out what you can do to achieve the look your after; whether it be leaving your pooches furr between cuts or brushing reguarly. It has personally taken JCG 3 groomers until we found the perfect one, we travel half an hour to our groomer but it is totally worth it.

*Prices can range from $60-$120 depending on your dogs size and what exact cut your after.

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