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America's Finest Young Oodle Breeder

Lindsay Kate sitting proud with her new babies

Jordan Country Groodles considers it a miracle that we are able to connect with such a like-minded young breeder; Lindsay Kate - Owner and Manager at Kate's Golden & Bernadoodles, and Kate's Sheepadoodles. Tayla and Lindsay recently met through the Breeders Resource Group on Facebook where they both came to the realisation that they were both the youngest breeders of the 70+, worldwide group.

Kate's F1 Sheepadoodle

JCG has always been intrigued by America's popular stance on Groodles (Goldendoodles,) and Oodles in general. We are always researching the breed/'s and seeing how we can improve our pups qualities. We are constantly conveying with reputable nationwide and overseas breeders to improve our program. Tayla has planned, in the near future for our first Artificial Insemination program to be accomplished; this will potentially be managed by Lindsay as we will be using one of her world class sires. Lindsay is a veterinary technician and is thoroughly skilled in AF and sending semen overseas.

We asked Lindsay to give us abit of a run down on her breeding journey and she kindly accepted.

Kate's Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheep Dog X Poodle) Puppy.


My name is Lindsay Kate and I am a premier breeder of Sheepadoodles (Old English Sheep Dog X Poodle) and Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog X Poodle) here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

I have always had a passion for animals since I was a little kid (like most children do,) however, my parents pushed me to get as much knowledge as I could early on. By the time I was 18, I had followed my passion and completed my certification in grooming and behavioral training, and by the time I was 20 I had finished in certification of veterinary technicians.

Kate's recent litter of Groodles/Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever X Poodle)

I took a different path for awhile and started working in a long term rehab facility where I was able to bring my dogs into work with me. It was an amazing experience, to change a persons day within 30 seconds of them being greeted by one of my dogs, my beloved Lexi (my program starting parti standard Poodle). Families were hesitant to come up and greet Lexi because she was a "typical, prancy Poodle." The older men wanted a "real dog." Amazingly enough, families weren't interested, a good portion of the time to visit with us, solely because she was a Poodle. It started me thinking; with my growing passion towards therapy dogs and how they were helping change people's demeanor - how could I produce a dog people couldn't resist, that was healthy, and CALM? Well... I found it with my Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles.

We researched and researched, found wonderful mentors and with that imported out first Bernese Mountain Dog from Europe, we haven't looked back since. We take great passion in our program; that we are producing healthy puppies of service work temperament.

Kate's most recent litter of Sheepadoodles (OES X Poodle)

We donate a puppy per litter into a work home whether it be for service work or therapy,

it is a bonus that a mellow intelligent dog is perfect for ordinary families as well.

Who would have thought, right? "

- Kate


We appriciate Kate's knowlegde and passionate approach to her breeding program. If anyone has any questions regarding Sheepadoodles, Beradoodles and/or Goldendoodles, please do not hesitate to contact Kate via facebook.

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