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Boy, I am purely amazed by the OCDD (obsessive compulsive dog disorder) that has spread far and wide

You've decided on a breed: now to bond with a breeder...

It's pretty darn heart warming to realise dogs are apart of the family now more than ever. People are more aware about finding a dog that'll suit their lifestyle. The research and waiting that people are making to adopt a particular dog is a perfect scenario, and this investment will see a huge number of dogs avoiding being rehomed or sent to the pound.

There's a lot less "how much is that doggy in the window" and impulse buying going on, people are more aware of puppy mills and the effects of buying from a puppy shop too, I feel like we're all heading in the right direction. Patience is a virtue; it'll give you time to think how this dog will fit into your life, good breeders won't always have puppy's available either so BE PATIENT. It warms my heart to see each and every puppy that we produce join the statistic of the "new age, family pet mindset," a dog that really is part of the family. More than often we forget that they're not human.

We help potential adopters choose their new addition, but we also make sure they're the right candidate for one of our babies also. Sometimes as much as a client will have a certain sex and colour in mind when they come to visit, a pup might choose them instead of the other way around and we love that. Having a relationship with your potential breeder is a must (in my opinion). You need to feel comfortable in asking as many questions as you want and to have confidence in their answers is a kick in the right direction. Working with a breeder before you commit is massive, and having a breeder right there for the rest of the pups life, for any questions you may need answered will be significantly helpful.

Yes we have combined two breeds, but these two breeds are a match made in heaven. With the family oriented Golden Retriever and the non shedding, loyalty of the Poodle how could people ever poorly judge this hybrid breed; a mutt, a mongrel, a designer disaster - they have it all wrong. Australia, America, The U.K., well, let's just say the World, are going hyper over this much loved breed, the ultimate dog, the Groodle (Goldendoodle) and who can blame them!

Here at JCG we choose this breed for their five star intelligence, incredibly friendly personalities (especially towards children), their love for outdoor activities (yet not at all considered a hyper dog), and last but not least the non shedding you see in the F1bs, F2s, and multigenerational we produce and are going to produce in the future here at JCG. It's a no brainer.

The most common mix of a Groodle is that of the Golden Retriever with either the Standard or Miniature Poodle producing dogs that are of medium height and weight. Here at JCG we produce Miniature, Medium and Standard Groodles as we find each size has a different audience - for example an inside Mini Groodle with a non energetic single companion would match and a Standard Groodle with a big family who has copious amounts of energy to burn off in the backyard is suitable. We talk this through with everyone before they commit to a baby.

I am ecstatic to be apart of today's breeding world, we are rated number 1 search on Google for "Groodle Breeders Victoria" and that tells me we must be doing something right! Today's breeding world is about raising awareness in finding the right ethical and reputable breeder for you. We're cutting out the bad breeders and producing only the best pups, where only healthy and happy environments are praised and wanted, awareness has become first and foremost, and I am all for that!

There are the two P's that I always tell potential puppy families. If they're unsuccessful in adopting from us (waiting list full) I tell them view the PARENTS, view the PROPERTY. SIMPLE. If you can't view the parents then the breeder is hiding something, and if you can't view the property there's something really wrong. Find a breeder who does right by their dogs and is open with arms to help you find your companion.

So, for all of your GROODLE LOVERS, or DOG LOVERS in general, I hope to bring my knowledge and experience to you all! I love the close community I have with ALL of my puppies families and I hope to expand our little love club to many potential Oodle owners - whether you adopt from us, rescue (we're all for rescue!) or find another reputable, ethical Breeder we would love for you to keep involved in our blogs regarding anything Groodle, Oodle and/or Dogs!




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