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Let's learn about each other, interact with us here at JCG through our Blogs! I'll share my knowledge with hope to hear yours! This blog is touching on all things JCG, based for our American "Devoted to Doodles" audience. But please enjoy AUSSIES!

Ears Up!

Now, a Groodle you ask? Yes yes, I understand us Aussies made up our own name that doesn't include doodle in the title (seeing as doodle in Australia means a mans private part!) A Groodle is well known as a Goldendoodle in America, a Hybrid of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. We plan to breed our first litter of Aussiedoodles (Australian Sheppard x Poodle) in 2018 - 2019, yet I haven't really figured out a name we can call them in Australia that's suitable (without doodle in it), I'm open to suggestions!! Raising breeding dogs is such a beautiful thing and I hope to write more in depth about my experiences in another upcoming article. I have always been an animal lover (who isn't!) but my real passion is being an ethical parent to my three girl Groodles and my boy Poodle. They're my family before they're anything else, I constantly get asked if I have any retired bitches for sale, the answer is no, I could never give up my babies (it's hard enough given up their pups!!) and if in any circumstance I was to start a guardian program I could only deal with very close friends and family I trust.

Since I have made breeding my full time priority I have found that my obsessiveness on being a perfect breeder has risen very highly. Everything from hip scoring, DNA testing, physical examinations (probably more than they need to!) progesterone testing, special dietary requirements depending on their stages of pregnancy, pregnancy grooming, yard cleaning and requirements - keeps a lady busy! I hope to touch more on those subjects in upcoming blogs.

Tayla with Charlie, Bronty, Bodhi, Bessy, Teddy and the other Charlie Brown.

My daily routine, even without pups includes cleaning their dog yard (washing down the fake grass, disinfecting and obviously cleaning up numerous poops,) cooking specific meals for individual dogs depending on who is on heat, who's in pup, who might need to fatten up or slim down. They're all always on Supercoat Puppy Food, as puppy food is the most nutritious and has all the goods! The pasta, eggs and rice is cooked up depending on the above situations (as mentioned.) I'm not just breeding for the sake of breeding, I'm breeding to bring something ethical to the table, to breed a dog that stands tall with the most sought after Purebred and Hybrid dogs that the world, today, is offering. I'll also be writing about why to choose a Groodle, in a future article! There's sooo many reason! I am wanting to hear from all of you Oodle lovers on what you'd like to know regarding anything JCG or Groodles in general? Please feel free to comment below!! Love from Down Under, Tayla - JCG

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